Amelia Eldridge was born in the late summer of 1989 in Towson, Maryland. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Flagler College in 2011, and returned to Flagler to earn her BFA in Fine Arts in 2013. Amelia has lived in South Florida; St. Augustine, Florida; Brooklyn, New York; and Asheville, North Carolina. Currently she lives in the woods north of Baltimore with her cat Xing Xing. Her work has been published and exhibited in Florida, Colorado, and Maryland.


Through the isolation of specific body parts, lines, and shapes I seek to explore the structure of the human form. Inspired by feelings of detachment from and obsession over the body, I choose to reexamine my own structure. When using this work as an outlet to explore inner narratives and emotions, I desire that it function as a mirror unto myself. The body serving as a vessel to both intimately and universally experience space and the passage of time. Through the act of physically engaging with my materials, I am allowed to connect with various elements of this human vessel with which I inhabit. Additionally, the work has become enmeshed with my meditations on the cycle of the seasons, and the textures and spirits of the natural world. Techniques, crafts, stories, and ways of old that are still in existence today, inform my contemporary art practice.